The Breakup Handbook

A new way to deal with breakups

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What will I get from the course?

Tried and tested methods to quickly recover from a bad breakup, improved focus, mindset and feeling good about yourself. Here are just some of the areas covered:

  • Tackling triggers and derailers

  • Revitalise your self talk and your best friend within you

  • How to deal with friends and how they can derail your good feelings

  • How to totally overhaul your view point and mindset

  • How to counteract your shifting moods

  • How to prevent and face any set backs

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Bonus material

  • Print at home work books


    As part of the course you will receive PDF work books to work through each Module of the course. These will only be available for purchase on Amazon for those not taking the course.

Who this is for?

They say break ups are never easy, but is that true? there is no reason why we can’t recognise a relationship has ended for a good reason, moving on quickly from those we have loved and cared for.

I decided to write this after a breakup which knocked me for six. I knew things weren’t as great as they were at the start, but why did I lose myself during this breakup. I was reeling and I started to question everything; who was I in the relationship, who am I now, what has life got in-store for me in the future, what did I want from my life going forward and as such what was my plan now. As a result, over the weeks that followed I noticed the times I felt good and the times that I felt so low I didn’t want to get out of bed. I notice patterns in the behaviours of myself and others around me post break up. These interactions would lead to a positive outcome or a negative one. It was like I could stand back and watch my interactions and see where I was going right or wrong. As a result I was able to catalogue tips to feel better, pit falls to avoid and positive activities to help me and anyone else getting over a breakup. I came out of this breakup the best me I had ever been and I want to share this road map with others. I still reflect on some of these tips and habits and as such some of these are useful in wider life context and not just breakups. This is for like minded individuals who want to acknowledge their thoughts and feeling and come out the other side; stronger, better and happier. This is to support the creation of positive actions and thoughts to move on and come out of the experience quicker, easier and hopefully with a lot less pain. By reviewing the routines, trends, mindset and thought processes laid out in the book, the plan is to identify and address the source of the pain quickly allowing the process of moving to begin and to get through this a lot more easily.